Get the most from your car’s heating unit

Does your car heating system show any of these symptoms?

  • Slow warming following the starting of the engine
    • Weak heating power
    • Patches of water on the carpet
    • Windshield continually fogs

Along with car air conditioning and refrigeration services, Kar Air are also specialise in heating repairs for every type of vehicle. Operating on the same principal as a car radiator, a heater core can also block or crack through rusting, corrosion or poor coolant.
Any one of these problems is an indication that your vehicle may be suffering from a blocked or leaking heater core. This means that if want to stay warm in your vehicle, then you need to get your heating system repaired or replaced.

Kar Air provides free diagnosis services to assess the severity of the issue. and gives you on-point pricing regarding the work that needs to be conducted. We carry out all services quickly and with minimal fuss, helping you to keep the costs low and get back on the road as soon as possible. Don’t endure a cold uncomfortable drive any longer – speak with Melbourne’s finest car heating repairs specialists now.

Kar Air will help you remain warm during the colder months. Contact us today and keep your heating systems operating at full capacity throughout winter and beyond.